December 2023 Updates-

2022 Annual Report including the biographies of new scholarship recipients has been added to the Scholars and Results page.

A page with information on Education in Kenya has been added to the website. It can be found here.

Welcome to the William and Nancy Budd Scholarship Fund web site. The William and Nancy Budd Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for secondary school and university students in Kenya. It finances a significant portion of tuition for students in Forms 2, 3, and 4 (grades 10-12) and a significant portion of university-level tuition. In 2022, the cost for one student to attend a National school is about $364 USD per year. 

In the following short video, our founder, Daniel Ritchie, explains the origins of the William and Nancy Budd Scholarship Fund during a June 2018 meeting in Narobi, Kenya, with current and past Budd scholars.

Budd Scholars come from every province in Kenya. Many are orphans. Often they are from poor rural areas. Some, particularly girls, were discouraged from attending school.

But the Budd Scholars also share a common vision – education will free them from poverty and ignorance. They have courage, determination, and commitment. Despite their struggles, they remain hopeful. They dream of becoming engineers, doctors and pilots.

To learn more about the scholarship, click the links above. To contribute to the William and Nancy Budd Scholarship Fund, click on the Donate link. All of the funds received for the scholarship fund goes directly to the National Council of Churches of Kenya, the organization that administers the scholarship in Kenya.

For inquiries, please contact William Budd III, president of the fund.

Supporting Education in Kenya