Scholars and Results

Annual Report 

Each year, an annual report is published that describes the activities of the fund and the biographies of each new Budd scholarship student.

Five Year Report (2000-2004)

The Five Year Report, assembled by Mike McCarthy, contains a history of the first five years of the scholarship fund and the scholarship students’ stories.

The Five Year Report can be viewed by year: Introduction & 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004


In 2019, the Budd Scholarship Fund supported 38 students in secondary school and 1 student in post-secondary education. The Budd Fund supports less students at university because most of them receive sufficient funding from other sources (primarily the Kenyan government). Many students get loans that cover the full cost of fees because they are high achievers. As a result, more secondary school students can benefit from our donations.

The Budd Scholarship Fund is entering its 22nd year in 2021. Over its lifetime, it has supported over 200 students from needy backgrounds with academic promise and exceptional character—optimistic and caring for others even as they face their own challenges.

Once students are selected as Budd Scholars, the Budd Scholarship Fund is committed to supporting them throughout their educational career, subject to continued satisfactory performance.

Supporting Education in Kenya